Probably the worst reason for adding a new blog entry is because a few days have passed and you feel pressured to post another entry. Of course, the other extreme is letting weeks, months or, dare I say it – years – go by between posts. Yes, I’m guilty of the latter; I looked at my blog this weekend and realized I hadn’t posted anything in two years! My last post was November 2012…. Has it really been that long since I posted? Heck, I still remember my WordPress password (a rarity for me), so it certainly doesn’t feel like it has been two years. I realized the trap I had fallen into. I had never developed a blogging routine, and thus had been easily distracted by work and the demands of daily life.

What Blogging Frequency is ‘Good’?

While there is no right answer, I know I’m safe when I say one blog entry every few years will accomplish nothing. How often you should add a new blog entry is directly related to your blogging goals. My goals when I started this blog were to generate some interest in my freelance business. Ironically, I became so busy with my freelance work that I didn’t put as much time into the marketing end of my business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to develop a routine over the next few weeks, posting on a more frequent basis!

Don’t Post Unless You Add Value

While I haven’t posted here with any real frequency, I am not new to blogging. I post blogs for clients (more frequently than I post to my own site), enough to know that blogging when you have nothing worthwhile to say is a waste of everyone’s time, and can cost you readers. Even if you are blogging with the purpose of boosting your SEO, you should still make sure you are giving your readers what they want. In other words, your posts must add value, which means adding something interesting, insightful, new, uplifting, motivating, or entertaining.

Most writers know that they should write every day, as part of perfecting their craft. A blog is certainly one method of doing so. And perhaps that is the only reason some writers have a blog. If that is the case, then daily is a good rule of thumb for blogging. If, however, you are trying to generate a following, be it for advertising dollars, self-promotion, or other marketing needs, then you must think strategically in terms of content – quality over quantity.