It’s not news that ‘all the good domain names are gone.’ Actually, this isn’t entirely true. As I struggle to find a domain name for my new comic strip, I’ve come across several names that would be great for a site housing a comic strip, but not necessarily for the name of my comic strip itself. Thus, I’ve had to focus on determining exactly what is my goal with regard to the site? Is it to house only my comic strip or other items as well? If I choose a domain name that matches the name of my comic strip, then that’s a definite plus for marketing purposes. But If I choose to expand the site to encompass other comic strips, then the name becomes inappropriate, even limiting.

Let’s assume I decide to name the domain name after my comic strip, but that name is already taken. Do I change the name of the comic strip to match an available domain name. Most definitely not! Choosing a title is similar to choosing a character name… the writer must do what works for the piece, not what’s convenient or even prudent for marketing purposes.