As many writers know, writing is a creative outlet, and it takes many forms. I’ve written sci-fi novels, children’s books, web-site pages, math puzzle books, advertisements, brochures, web copy and a long list of other items over the years (some of these items have been published, others not – such is the life of a writer!). There are creative itches, even within the writing arena, which never go away until confronted, head on. I’ve reached one of those moments where I’ve decided I have nothing to lose by trying something new.

This creative itch of mine – to create a comic strip – has been on the back burner for ages, all because I don’t have a talent for drawing. I recently reminded one of my kids that no one starts out with perfect skills. Any skill, whether a sport, writing, cooking, or the ability to nail wood together without nailing one’s hands to the board comes with practice, practice, and more practice.

Just because my drawing skills are not in the top 5% of the country’s artists (if I’m going to be realistic, I should change that to the top 99%), doesn’t mean I shouldn’t create a comic strip. After all, a comic strip is another creative writing outlet, and the writer in me wants to explore this genre. The tragedy is not when one fails, but when one fails to try.

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