The truth be told, I’m not quite ready to publish my comic strips online, not because of my drawing skills, but because I’m still not sure I’ve chosen the right title. Perhaps that’s not the best thing to admit given the fact that I’ve published an article on how to choose a title.

My problem is tied to the fact that I’m still fleshing out my characters, and my target audience. Do I want to limit my target audience to my original intended group, or go broader? The answer will then dictate, in part, the title I ultimately use. My original target audience is anyone who is Jewish or has had some exposure to Jewish life. The name Kibbitzers would be understood by most, and it’s not a hard word to read or pronounce. Other names under consideration are so mired with various yiddish spellings, that the words may not be obvious, even to those familiar with Yiddish.

So, I’ll continue creating, knowing the answer will come to me in time as I flesh out more of my characters’ back story, and develop their relationships to one another. And until the answer pops into my head (which will likely be when I’m not even remotely thinking about my comic strip), I’ll stick with The Kibbitzers and call it my ‘working title’.

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